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Carbon monoxide from fireplace. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that results from burning different types of materials and gases. What is carbon monoxide. When using a fuel burning appliance whether it is a top rated wood burning fireplace premium gas stove or even a gas cooking stove it is important to understand that carbon monoxide co poisoning is a risk.

Depending on the brand detectors operate in one of three ways. Fire administration notes that more than one third of americans heat their homes primarily with fireplaces stoves or other similar appliances. Carbon monoxide or co is an odorless colorless gas that can kill you.

This is because the protein hemoglobin used by red blood cells to move oxygen through the body actually prefers co to oxygen. Exposures to co can cause symptoms such as headaches dizziness weakness nausea vomiting or loss of muscle control. Co can build up indoors and poison people and.

Carbon monoxide detectors are a lot like smoke detectors but instead of looking for signs of fire they detect levels of carbon monoxide. Sources of poisonous carbon monoxide. Co is found in fumes produced any time you burn fuel in cars or trucks small engines stoves lanterns grills fireplaces gas ranges or furnaces.

Carbon monoxide detector where is co found. With a biomimetic sensor metal oxide semiconductor or electrochemical sensor. Your fireplace is often the heart of your living space offering a cozy spot to relax spend time together and enjoy the warmth and beauty of flames.

Chimmeys carbon monoxide. When it comes to owning a fireplace in addition to the warmth and ambience created there are also safety issues that you should know about with carbon monoxide being top on the list. What you should know about carbon monoxide in using your fireplace carbon monoxide co is an odorless colorless tasteless gas which is very toxic.

Carbon monoxide poisoning claims about 4000 lives a year in the us and a significant number of these deaths are the result of poorly maintained chimneys. This device sometimes called a safety pilot automatically shuts the gas off if the temperature in the fireplace gets too cold or if too much carbon monoxide builds up. All the while actually prohibiting it from carrying oxygen to vital organs like the brain heart and lungs.

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